SiComb was delighted to participate in the European Research and Innovation Days 2024!

Brussels, March 25, 2024 – The culmination of the European Commission's annual flagship event, the Research and Innovation Days 2024, marked a momentous occasion on March 21st. Over the span of two days, the event brought together a diverse array of policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and the public, both physically in Brussels and virtually, to shape the trajectory of research and innovation in Europe and beyond.

Themed "A 40-Year Journey through the Research and Innovation Framework Programmes," the event celebrated the remarkable achievements realized since the inception of the first EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme. SiComb had the privilege to delve into various topics, including Horizon Europe, the Green and Digital transition, EU missions, and the widening instrument, among others.

The festivities commenced with the European Innovation Procurement Prize Ceremony on March 20th, paving the way for two days filled with enriching workshops, thought-provoking policy debates, and invaluable networking opportunities. These workshops were thoughtfully organized around three pivotal themes: a Competitive Europe, a Greener Europe, and a Fairer Europe, impeccably aligned with EU priorities.

Throughout the Research and Innovation Week, SiComb gained insights into successful EU-funded projects and their profound impact on society. The event underscored the critical importance of sustained investment in research and innovation to address global challenges and uphold Europe's competitive edge on the global stage.

Iliana Ivanova, EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth, conveyed her enthusiasm for the event, inviting participants to join her in commemorating past achievements, engaging in ongoing endeavors, and charting a course for a future that embodies EU priorities.

The Research and Innovation Week, which also encompassed the EIC Summit 2024 and the Belgian Presidency Conference on Innovation Procurement, served as a vibrant platform for meaningful exchanges among thousands of policymakers, researchers, innovators, and stakeholders. Attendees were treated to a plethora of enriching experiences, including access to esteemed speakers, policy dialogues, funding opportunities, workshops, pitching sessions, and exhibitions spotlighting EU-funded projects.

Among the major themes covered during the event were:

  • European Competitiveness: Emphasizing the significance of investments and reforms to safeguard Europe's long-term competitiveness.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Mapping out a strategic roadmap for harnessing artificial intelligence in scientific discovery over the next decade.
  • European Green Deal: Exploring the research and innovation facets of the European Green Deal, with a keen focus on missions, transportation, renewable energy, and energy-intensive industries.
  • Bioeconomy and Food Systems: Delving into the pivotal role of innovation ecosystems in addressing complex social issues, with a specific emphasis on human needs, bioeconomy, and food systems.

These themes encapsulate a diverse array of challenges and opportunities confronting Europe in the realm of research and innovation. They underscore the collective commitment to tackling environmental, social, and economic challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions.

 The Research and Innovation Week 2024 epitomized the collective dedication to advancing research and innovation for a brighter future. As Europe sets its sights on the future, building upon the accomplishments of the past four decades, the event reaffirmed the paramount importance of collaboration and investment in propelling progress and addressing societal imperatives.

 For further insights into the Research and Innovation Days 2024 and forthcoming events, visit the European Commission’s website.