SiComb’s researchers take stage at the ICSCRM2023!

The International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2023 (ICSCRM2023) was held on September 17-22, 2023, in Sorrento, Italy. This renowned conference series is the most important technical conference series on silicon carbide (SiC) and related materials, every year it gathers researchers and engineers from the corporate, academic, and public sectors to exchange views on current scientific and technical concerns on an international platform.   

This year's ICSCRM event was particularly notable for SiComb, as three of our exceptionally talented researchers were invited as speakers! The SiComb project proudly congratulates Haiyan Ou, Peter Wellmann, and Didier Chaussende for their exceptional contributions at ICSCRM2023. Their presentations not only reflected the project's commitment to advancing silicon carbide technology but also highlighted their remarkable expertise and versatility in the field.

Our researchers delved in the world of SiC and many aspects of the related research, ranging from SiComb’s primary objectives to other significant areas of SiC and related material research. Their expertise and commitment to their research work has earned them recognition and the privilege of speaking at this prestigious event.

Haiyan Ou, SiComb's coordinator, delivered a captivating presentation during the "Quantum 2: Single-photon sources and quantum sensing" session, unveiling her groundbreaking work on "Silicon carbide based optical frequency comb”, after her presentation on “Novel SiC photonic devices” for the Tutorial Day organised for young researchers. Didier Chaussende and his fellow researchers addressed the pressing challenges surrounding "The SiC/liquid interface: challenges in controlling SiC growth from solution". Meanwhile, Peter Wellmann delved into the "Influence of the size distribution of the SiC powder source on the shape of the crystal growth interface during PVT growth of 4H-SiC boules".


Beyond their speaking engagements, our researchers also featured prominently in numerous poster presentations, showcasing collaborative efforts with other accomplished researchers and experts in the field. These presentations further emphasized their dedication to advancing SiC research and its broader implications.

Hereunder some of the poster presentations featuring  SiComb’s researchers:

  • Adnan Ali Afridi, Yaoqin Lu, Xiaodong Shi, Ruixuan Wang, Jingwei Li, Qing Li and Haiyan Ou, Raman and Kerr frequency comb in a 4H-silicon-carbide on insulator based microresonator
  • Didier Chaussende, Vincent Tabouret, Alexandre Crisci, Magali Morais, Stéphane Coindeau, Gregory Berthomé, Manuel Kollmuss, Peter Wellmann, François Jomard, MarieAmandine Pinault-Thaury, Yaoqin Lu, Xiaodong Shi and Haiyan Ou, Physical Vapor Deposition of a-SiC thin films for optical applications
  • Elisa Demetra Mallemace, Yaoqin Lu, Xiaodong Shi, Didier Chaussende, Vincent Tabouret, Sandro Rao, Haiyan Ou and Francesco Giuseppe Della Corte, Amorphous silicon-carbide modulator based on the thermo-optic effect (student paper)
  • Yaoqin Lu, Xiaodong Shi, Adnan Ali Afridi, Vincent Tabouret, Didier Chaussende, Karsten Rottwitt and Haiyan Ou, Efficient Nanotaper Edge Couplers in PECVD Amorphous Silicon Carbide for Integrated Photonics Applications

As we reflect on the success of ICSCRM2023, we are looking forward to the next conferences and events dedicated to SiC, related material, and semiconductors, to witness our skilled researchers showcasing their work on the global stage!