EIC Transition 2023: new funding opportunities to transform research results into a concrete innovation

EIC Work Programme: context and main objectives

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has recently published the Work Programme 2023, the annual document which sets out all the funding opportunities financed by the EU’s Horizon Europe Framework Programme.

In particular, it aims to search for breakthrough technologies and game-changing innovations that have the potential to become globally relevant and to dominate the international market, by promoting innovation at every stage, from the research and development phase to the validation of ground-breaking discoveries, to the growth and scaling up of start-ups and SMEs.

Funding opportunities: the EIC Transition scheme

To what concerns the financial support, EIC uses different funding schemes according to the final aim: among them, EIC Transition funding scheme is dedicated to the transformation of research results achieved in Pathfinder projects, into concrete innovation opportunities and thus, this is a great financial opportunity for all those projects that have developed successful research and that aim to bring their results to a more concrete and mature stage. Through prototypes, models, user tests, or other validation tests, it supports both the maturation and validation of the technology from the lab to the appropriate application environments, as well as the exploration of a viable business case, by addressing market readiness toward the commercialization and deployment of the project.

The EIC Transition funding scheme involves two funding opportunities

  • The EIC Transition Open, with a total budget of € 67,86 millions, which doesn’t require a predetermined theme priority. As a consequence, all proposals in any branch of science, technology, or application are welcome. Nevertheless, all the submitted initiatives should take consider the market and business analysis, by demonstrating that the technology works well for the purpose for which it was designed and by developing a business model to bring the technology to market.
  • The EIC Transition Challenge, with a total budget of € 60,5 millions allocated to three challenges:
    • Full scale Micro-Nano-Bio devices for medical and medical research applications
    • Environmental intelligence
    • Chip-scale optical frequency comb

In particular, the Chip-scale optical frequency comb challenge topic, is potentially relevant for SiComb project, as it refers to the novel class of photonic integrated frequency combs. The call suggests two specific aims: firstly to achieve the full potential of this technology, for example by developing nonlinear platforms, improving conversion efficiencies and designing combs that are compatible with wafer scale manufacturing. Secondly, to include new nonlinear materials, such as Gallium Phosphide and Lithium Niobate, as the objectives of the European Chips Act requests.

That’s a great opportunity to support a successful transition from the lab to the concrete environment, by exploiting a strategy and a strong business model in order to attract private investors and industrial partners and thus, to foster talent and innovation for next-generation chip technologies!

The proposals must be submitted by the 12th of April 2023 (first cut-off) or by the 27th of September 2023 (second cut-off).

To know more about the call and the specific requirements, please refer to EIC Work Programme 2023 document!